STAC Begins a New Year

We are supposed to be enjoying some springtime warmth, but in true Chicago fashion, winter weather continues to linger. Early spring (March, to be exact) is also the time when STAC transitions to the new board that is elected in November of the previous year. The STAC board for 2016/2017 has a lot to live up to, but I am excited to maintain and hopefully surpass the momentum that we created in 2015/2016.

2015 introduced a number of new initiatives, including the Buy Side Forum, the Women’s Collective, and Next Generation Outreach. We are already implementing new initiatives, and doing all we can to improve the existing ones. I am also excited to officially announce that the Bond Club of Chicago has decided to affiliate with STAC. We expect to accomplish great things together.

Earlier this year, STAC celebrated its 90th Mid-Winter Meeting and Conference! That was one of the most amazing January conferences we’ve ever had. We had wall to wall content, panels, speakers, presentations, live music, great food and of course, “the video wall” that will likely be remembered for the NEXT 90 years! 

Hopefully you had the opportunity to view the amazing video that we created to honor this milestone. It absolutely reflected our theme, Persevering through 90 years of Change. Through this conference, we have continued to provide those who buy, sell and trade securities with the opportunity to create and build relationships with industry professionals from all over the country.

DSC 1206Relationships are the cornerstone of our business - and STAC connects people

It can be a challenging business for up and coming traders. Who in the industry has the skills and experience to entrust your clients' transactions? Whether you are looking to connect with a specialty trader from a boutique firm - or the leader of a legendary institution - STAC participation provides opportunities to interact with the best in the business. 

Technology changes. Over 90 years, we've gone from chalk-boards to cutting-edge trading platforms. What doesn't change is the need for relationships with our industry's best professionals.

Ninety years building relationships - STAC and the Mid-Winter Conference.

Missed the conference? Check out the great recap in the Tech-Smart Traders' article here. To insure you get your invitation for next year's conference - and all the other events in between - learn more about membership here.


John Castro, President



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