About Ryan Dearon

dearon ryanHi, my name is Ryan Dearon.

Graduating from high school in an urban area like Chicago has reinforced the significance of persevering and has taught me how to rise above the obstacles that have come along to discourage me. Chicago has made me aware that there is more out in the world - more successes, more struggles, and more steps to climb. More importantly, this city has taught me about myself and the importance of giving back to the community. Witnessing both the worst and the best that this city has to offer throughout my life, I have realized the disparity of opportunities that occur between neighborhoods. The neighborhood that I have grown up in is often plagued by increased violence whereas more affluent neighborhoods do not suffer from those same problems. Looking deeper into the dynamics of the neighborhood I live in and upper-class, thriving neighborhoods, what stands out beyond the violence, or perhaps beneath it, is a disparity in the level of education and availability of academic resources. Discovering this has awoken a desire in me to do something to make a change. This is where my passion for helping others and my dream of becoming an educator originates from.

My educational plan in the upcoming years includes attending Oberlin to earn a degree in English (with a concentration in African-American Studies) and Vocal Performance and graduating with honors. At school, I plan to participate in the school literary programs that focus on journalism and reporting, as well as join one of the many music ensembles. After I graduate, I hope to continue my studies at a graduate school to focus on education and then become a high school English and Music professor. My long-term career goal, in addition to being able to teach and share my love and passion for music, is to create my own educational program that focuses on using art, literature, writing, and communication, along with providing internships, college-preparatory workshops, and career-oriented classes. I believe my educational plans will assist me in accomplishing my career goals by providing me with the foundation of a strong liberal arts education.

Intensive study in English, will incorporate and instill in me critical reasoning and analytic skills, as well as exceptional written communication abilities that I will need to teach. Combining these qualities with my studies in Vocal Performance, I will acquire the skill to use music as a tool to inspire and enhance students’ academic experience. By exposing the students to a method of learning that involves applying their skills creatively and illustrating these through performance-based assessments, they will be able to innovate and think critically. Knowing that education is invaluable and truly gives people a purpose in life, I would like to apply this belief to how I teach. I plan to lead by example by harnessing my intense appreciation for music, and inspiring students to never stop learning.

The biggest reason I chose to go to Oberlin is because I wanted to be in an intimate setting around people who share the passions I do. Oberlin is known for its rigor both academically and artistically, and in my experience is unlike any other undergraduate school in terms of student environment. During a visit to Oberlin, I encountered so many people who have been strong advocates for literacy and artistic expression. I have been active in local library events as a volunteer and mentor. I have participated in many Chicago Public Library programs such as the Teen Volume Reader’s Theater Troupe, which focuses on promoting literacy through performing current books to young children and teens. While visiting Oberlin, I was enormously encouraged to find so many people who were involved in programs similar to those I had participated in. This experience was the main reason I decided that Oberlin was a place I could thrive in and why I know I will succeed there.

Being an ambitious person, I will tirelessly strive to attain my dreams. I know that these dreams are completely within my reach, especially now that I have the opportunity to attend college. Following the educational plans that I have made for myself - continuing to study English and Music as a major in college, being active in school literary programs, the musical environment, and graduating and going on to graduate school - are my top priorities. In addition, finishing college with my plans in mind gives me the foundation to focus on my future as an agent of change in the world of education. I find meaning in passing on information and teaching others, so that information is never lost or forgotten. Ultimately, that is my career goal for my future.


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