About Kelsey Martin

My name is Kelsey Martin and as I begin my sophomore year at Indiana University, I am currently a Speech-Language Pathology major while also pursuing a Spanish language minor. With this said, my career goals are to become a Speech Pathologist working in a school setting, so I can work with children. In addition, with a Spanish minor I hope to find more job opportunities because I will have the ability to work with children of both English and Spanish language backgrounds.

Throughout my freshman year at IU, I took a few major specific classes, for example linguistics and speech-language disorders, and through these I realized that this subject is something I find very interesting and one that I can be passionate about because of my own life experiences. I say this because throughout my childhood, I personally had to work with a speech pathologist to overcome my speech impediments. I believe that with my own experience in the field, I will be able to take on this career at a whole new level, relating to the students I work with more than your average speech pathologist. After I finish my four years of undergraduate school at Indiana University, I plan to attend graduate school at a new university. This way I can pursue the masters degree necessary for my career while also getting the experience of living in a new city and expanding my horizons.

All in all, I believe that the most important part about a college education and pursuing a career is doing something you love. I believe that I have really found a field that I will thrive in and love. I definitely have my work cut out for me in these next couple years, but I am nothing less than ecstatic that it’s for something that I will thoroughly enjoy in the future. Thank you so much for considering me as a candidate for the STAC Scholarship Fund. I wish your association continued success for many years to come.


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