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Darsh Dave
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Darsh Dave
DePaul University

You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who you work with, none of it comes to life.” 
Renee West, President of Luxor and Excalibur Hotel.

 That is the challenge HR professionals take upon them - to transform employees into dedicated ‘internal customers’ and this is what excites me about this field. I relish dealing with people, mentoring them, motivating them and planning their Training and Development activities. Proper communication channels need to be established between the management and employees and strategies need to be refined for effective employer/employee coordination.

With the way organizations have emerged, the role of HR has transformed significantly. Developed technologies, changing attitudes and a gradual shift in industry dynamics have all led to a more demanding and agile HR. Employees do not just look for a job today, they seek a career, which can help them grow professionally. Another development in HR is the introduction of Graphology or Handwriting Analysis Skill. Graphology can help identify personality traits of prospective employees to ascertain a role that would suit them better. I have completed a course in Forensic Science and Forensic Graphology from the prestigious International Forensic Science Department of India and I desire to explore the area in depth.

After my Masters in HR, I would like to get into the workforce and apply the concepts I have learned at University in my work, and at the very time, learn how the corporate world functions. I have always desired to join a Non-Profit Organization that works towards guiding students on their career path and help them become responsible citizens of the country. Another issue that perturbs me is the rising unemployment menace in my country. Despite the huge manpower available, we are unable to use this vast human capital effectively. I wish to come up with a proper plan to this effect. There are some malpractices existing in our system like ‘disguised unemployment’, which in turn leads to other vices. The need of the hour is to clean up these flaws and develop a clean HR eco-system.

The importance of HR in any organization cannot be underestimated and for any organization to function effectively, a strong HR is necessary. This department is growing at a steady pace and is no longer restricted to mere ‘hire and fire’ as traditionally believed. I would like to contribute my share towards the development of this field, in India and globally. Every country has a distinct working environment with diverse business practices. India, being one of the world's oldest cultures, has a unique blend of culture with the business practices. The working culture is based on unity in diversity and it has inspired most of the countries of the world. Business in India is viewed as a reflection of society and I would sustain the tradition with the strong essence of the US business practices, philosophies, customs, and theories.

4210 W Irving Rd, Chicago, IL 60641