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Alleia-Ashley James
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Alleia-Ashley James

University of Illinois at Chicago

 I have always possessed a strong interest in studying financial markets and traveling overseas but have faced the obstacle of paying for my education. As a first-generation college student from the South Side of Chicago, I overcame hardships and exceeded the low expectations people had set for me. I am seeking financial support because I want to increase awareness about higher education and wealth management within low-income communities, while leveraging every opportunity to help me succeed. My academic accomplishments, extensive involvement in extracurricular activities, and passion for education/social reform render me a competitive candidate for this award. 

While pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Finance, I will take business courses at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain during Summer 2018. The Deusto program will help me build a global network of contacts, become more knowledgeable about Spain's economy, and learn business-specific terminology in Spanish. It is crucial to learn Spanish (and other languages) when working in the business world because it demonstrates that American companies can be inclusive of different languages and cultures.  

My short-term career goal is to become a financial advisor. My undergraduate degree will help me achieve these goals by providing me with the necessary set of knowledge and skills to be successful. I enjoy direct interaction with people, but I need to learn the operational side of my position in order to understand the process of protecting and growing the money that clients invest. Upon completion of my Bachelors, I will pursue my MBA with a concentration in international business. My long-term career goal is to become an international investment manager. As someone who has first-hand knowledge of financial difficulties, I am deeply interested in pursuing a career where there is more wealth in the world for more people. There are different ways of doing social justice and mine is going to be through finance by implementing intensive financial-planning programs within disadvantaged communities and developing innovative investment management systems to increase profits for businesses. My social reform programs and investment project will have the capacity to help our communities at-large by creating more secure jobs and distributing wealth to a broader scope of individuals.   

My involvement in cultural support programs, such as TRIO and CHANCE, has been fruitful in shaping me into a well-rounded and charismatic individual. My mission is to provide a safe environment for minority students by refining and empowering them through mentorship, scholarship, and community outreach. Receiving the STAC Scholarship Fund will allow me to focus on my academics, studying abroad this summer, and make an even bigger impact on this community rather than financial burdens that can hinder my success.

4210 W Irving Rd, Chicago, IL 60641