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Nathan Meade
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Nathan Meade
Northern Illinois University

 I have three different goals when it comes to my career in accounting. First, I want to go into an entry level role in a Big 4 public accounting firm upon  graduation. In order to achieve this goal, I must be able to build a compelling list of academic, leadership, and philanthropic achievements.   I will continue pursuing leadership positions in a variety of NIU student organizations.  This will set me apart from other graduates looking for a job. I have already held the positions of social manager, secretary, and soon to be philanthropy chairman in my fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa. These positions have challenged me to improve my time management skills with school, fraternity, clubs, sports, and family. In addition, I have served  at a homeless shelter during my time at NIU  and plan to continue doing so. I want to make a difference in the community rather than being focused only on myself. 

Another of my goals is to gain “real world” experience in my field of study in advance of graduation.  I am in the midst of a summer accounting  internship at Guarantee Trust Life Insurance  and plan to pursue a public accounting internship in 2019.    Internships will provide me valuable academic and career perspective as I pursue my undergraduate degree.   I am not content to just enjoy summer break but rather have a desire to work, learn, and earn money . My final two goals are to graduate with a GPA above 3.5 and become a Certified Public Accountant. Achievement of these goals will present me  to employers as a qualified recruit. In summary, I believe that a blend of academic, social, leadership, philanthropic and work experience will set me apart from other job candidates so I can achieve my goal of securing an entry level role at a Big 4 public accounting firm.   that I am capable of managing my time and participating multiple activities For my second main goal, I want to gain a position in a private firm after two to three years in public accounting. In order to achieve this, I will need to be hard working and able to set myself apart from the competition. Finally, my third goal is to become a partner of a private firm. This final goal is solely dependent on the prior two goals and sub goals. The road ahead may prove to be difficult but I am more than willing to put forth the necessary effort to achieve my goals.

4210 W Irving Rd, Chicago, IL 60641