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Halle Truett
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Halle Truett
University of Notre Dame

I am fortunate enough to attend a University that not only serves as a foundation for pursuing my career goals through an undergrad education, but also provides me the resources to growth as an individual. As a senior in high school, my decision to attend the University of Notre Dame was primarily grounded in the opportunity to enroll in the Mendoza College of Business. At the time Mendoza was ranked the top undergrad business school in the country, presenting a very prominent academic and career-development opportunity I could not pass up. My time at Notre Dame thus far, and Mendoza specifically, has shaped my career goals and put me on the path to achieve those goals.

With that in mind, my career goals lay their roots in the field of finance. Specifically, my goal is to pursue a full-time position as an investment banker at a bulge bracket firm in either New York or Chicago. Down the road, one of my goals is to end up working for a private equity firm as that line of work interests me the most. Most important to my career goals is being in a job that constantly requires you to learn and to be challenged to be your best. Within both investment banking and private equity, you are constantly learning new material and being exposed to new problems to solve which allows you to grow as a person. At the same time, you are being forced to think critically and think on your feet in high-pressure situations. Ultimately I want to create a career for myself that revolves around excitement every day and passion for what I am doing. 

My interest in Finance began with my internship at the Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing, where I gained a solid foundation for understanding the field of investing through various research and projects. This internship not only made me curious about the different career paths within investing, but prompted me to dive deeper. Thus I choose to pursue a major in Finance to have the opportunity to take classes, like Investment Theory, that hone in on both the technical and analytical skills necessary to succeed as a junior banker. I also added a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship because I wanted to incorporate design-thinking and creativity-focused courses to gain a more holistic undergraduate experience. The combination of my finance and entrepreneurship courses, along with university requirements such as history and social science, stimulate my thinking in a way that translates into the business world. 

As I have explored what I want to do post-graduation, I put an emphasis on gaining international experience. As advances in technology have made doing business around the world easier, faster and more necessary, I believe having a full global experience when I graduate is as important an attribute as any that a business leader must have. This opportunity to interact with a new culture while also learning necessary technical skills offers a valuable first-hand experience. I am confident I will finish this internship prepared to serve the business community not only as a leader, but also as a global citizen with the ability to engage internationally. Alongside taking Spanish courses in my first year, I studied abroad in South Africa last summer with the intent to broaden my international perspective. 

This summer I will working for two different private equity firms. When pursuing internships for this summer, I focused on opportunities that complimented the skillsets of one another and worked dynamically to push towards my career goals. The first internship I will be working at is in Singapore. This internship lasts four weeks, and is designed to give students an insight into how businesses operate around the world. My role will be to work on research reports on behalf of the fund Strategic Asset Management. These reports include competition and position analysis, spreadsheet and performance analysis of investments of various funds, and analysis on enterprise roaming market usage and risks. My responsibilities will also include constructing comprehensive valuation reports on these technology companies.

My other role as an incoming Analyst Intern at the private equity firm LaSalle Capital during the second half of the summer sheds light on a career path I am seriously considering down the road. Throughout my research within financial services and having the opportunity to talk to older students, I have taken an interest in pursuing private equity in the future. Overall I will gain a holistic understanding of how a private equity firm works by being exposed to live deals and contributing to daily operations. As an intern, many of my duties revolve around effectively putting together presentation material on specific companies in an effort to value private middle market companies, mostly in the food/beverage and business services sectors. I will be able to practice and perfect my modeling skills, which are critical to what I hope to be doing down the road in my career.  Next summer I will be working as a summer analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (NY) in their Investment Banking  division, doing exactly what is the first important step in my career path. By being able to play a key role within in this division and take on responsibility early on, I will gain the technical expertise and background necessary for the years of career after.  I believe this opportunity, along with the ones I have been able to participate in so far, are pushing me towards success in my future career path through real and valuable experiences. 

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