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2015 STAC Scholarship Winners
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 2015 STAC Scholarship Winners



Kelly Dempsey

Hi my name is Kelly Dempsey. I am from Park Ridge Illinois, and I am a senior at Maine South High school. I plan to major in “Animal Science” throughout my college experience; allowing me to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a Veterinarian. I have dreamt of becoming a Veterinarian since I was five years old, and I am a dedicated animal-lover. My family adopted my dog from the ASPCA 11 years ago, and she is still a great addition to our family today. We adopted her after she had been heavily abused, and we managed to nurse her back to health. Her transition from starvation to a smiling, healthy weight dog was my inspiration to go into this field, and I hope to help other animals live happy and healthy lives as well. The specific field that stands out most to me when envisioning myself caring for animals is the rehabilitation aspect of Veterinary studies. I love the thought of allowing an animal to full recovery and it is the most/only humane option. 

Involvement has been an integral part of my high school experience. I often involve myself in experiences that promote service and leadership; some of these activities include working with the Anti-Cruelty Society and volunteering with soup kitchens and cancer walks. I am passionate about inspiring others to appreciate what they have and to give back to their community. 

I strive to become a leader on campus and organize opportunities to benefit others in need. My plans include leading in and outside of the classroom. I hope to be the captain of the gymnastics or cheerleading team, and possibly a leader in a sorority so I can facilitate programs to give back to my University. I want to be someone who others can look up to; I believe that being well-rounded is an admirable quality. I also plan to study abroad to enhance my knowledge of Veterinary Medicine. This would be beneficial because I would be able to work with animals that I am unaccustomed to. Traveling around the world provides many opportunities to meet other people in the Veterinary field and to experience cultures that are different than my own. I would develop a greater appreciation for the cultural diversity, and benefit from the wisdom that other people around the world have to offer.

Research is extremely important. I hope to find a way to decrease the cost of medication and allow people to provide necessary medical attention to their pets. Animals should never have to suffer due to financially struggling families, and I hope to put an end to the unnecessary deaths of sick companions. I endeavor to find alternative cures for diseases, or even discover the first medication to cure untreatable ailments. I strive to make sure that the financial status of a family does not determine whether a living being lives or dies, and to minimize veterinary costs.

My goal for the future is to run a rehabilitation center for medium-sized animals, and keep it cost-efficient for people who struggle financially. Every animal should be able to live comfortably, and receive the highest quality care available. I want to make positive contributions to the Veterinary field. It is my goal to make sure that every animal is treated humanely, and given the attention they need. I want the opportunity to work with other honorable people in the Veterinary field, and experience Veterinary Studies from different perspectives. I am a hard worker and a leader, and I will do whatever is necessary in order to have a positive impact on the improvement of our companions’ health.


Adriana Trizna

This coming Fall, I will not only begin expanding my knowledge at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, but I will also set the building blocks for a successful, highly rewarding career in investment banking. At Indiana, I plan to pursue a degree in accounting and a minor in financial literacy. As a direct admit into the business school, I will have the opportunity to immediately start taking courses in my field of study. I intend to take 17 credit hours per semester, so that, I will have accumulated enough credits, including the college credits I have earned in high school and internships, to be eligible to take the CPA exam. By attaining a CPA along with my degree, I will become a more competitive applicant when applying for a job at an investment firms. I will utilize the knowledge that I have gained about financial transactions and banking at the Kelley School of Business to fully develop my skills in my professional career. After years of professional experience, I hope to one day be promoted to President of an investment banking firm.


Brigette Boyle

After earning my degree in biology, I would like to gain my masters in genetics and go on to achieve a doctorate in biotechnology. From there, I would hope to work in a research-based environment to study pediatric cancer cells. The human body is an amazing and mysterious place, made up entirely of trillions of cells that provide the instructions for every part. I wish to find the secret in the cells of young children who have been diagnosed with such a terrible disease and stop these instructions from being given. 

I believe that through diligent research, the scientific community can fully understand why these mutations occur and, in turn, put a stop to it. Cancer is awful at any age, but especially in a child. It is a dark cloud that looms over the only inherently happy people on earth. Their child-like wonder and sense of bewilderment is stricken and replaced with despair. I can only aspire to one day have made a contribution in combatting this disease and returning the children to their naturally blissful states.

This scholarship would allow me to begin my education and allow me the opportunity to take the first steps on my path towards discovery. I promise that if given the opportunity, I will resolve to see this through. My determination is what sets me apart from many other and is what I believe provides me with an advantage. The moment I decide to do something, I devote all of my energy to it and enlist every source possible to faster help me achieve my end goal.


Trevor Light

Becoming an undergraduate at Indiana University and entering the Kelly School of Business as a direct admission I have already begun to pursue my career in business. This curriculum supports my interests by providing me with the resources to propel myself in the world after college through a professional and unparalleled program. The school allows me to challenge myself in my area of pursuit and be the best I can be so that I can find success in areas rapidly growing with opportunity. I want to become the best I can be and by developing my education I know I will grow and prosper in my knowledge and as a person. My educational interest for working in the business world is an interest I have developed from classes in high school, volunteering in leadership positions, employment and through leading in volunteer projects. Because of this my career goals are simple in mind and yet require a lot of me in order to achieve. I want to be someone that is able to make an impact in a community both in and outside of my work. For this reason it is important to me that my career carries the ability to help others and I believe I am best fit to do that through business and interaction with people. My goals are to be able to support myself and those that rely on me, as well as find a way to leave an impact on those I work with and for. For me, finding a way to make an impact on the community around me starts with my education at Indiana University. Through growth and development from all that they offer there I know I will be able to reach my goals by completing their business program, and I look forward to doing so.


Zoe Davis

Writing has always been a passion of mine. When I was in elementary school, writing was one of my favorite hobbies. The art of inventing characters and creating stories is something that I have always enjoyed doing. Because I loved storytelling, in middle school, I decided that I wanted to be a professional writer. I planned to be a novelist and short story writer. I didn’t consider journalism as a career until I started high school. This changed when I registered for the Newspaper Production class at my school. I didn’t like writing nonfiction stories, so I doubted that I would like journalism. However after taking the class, I found that journalism was the career that I wanted to pursue.

Although many have voiced concerns about the viability of journalism as a career, I am convinced of its importance and necessity. There will always be a need for the dissemination of balanced and accurate information to the public. Although many printed newspapers are struggling, the Internet and social media have transformed journalism to allow it to be conveyed through multimedia outlets. I find digital journalism a very interesting field because it encompasses writing, photojournalism, and cinematography. 

This past summer, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending five weeks at the Medill Northwestern Journalism Institute. This experience opened my eyes to a new world and trained me to become a better journalist. I learned interviewing techniques, how to be a more concise writer, and how to disseminate information accurately using social media. I was a leader of the video team, and this improved both my technical video editing skills and my leadership skills. Our professors treated us as future colleagues and encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone while fostering a sense of camaraderie amongst the members of our group. They also taught me to be a lifelong learner. This enabled me to have more confidence in myself, to remain intellectually curious and to never be afraid to ask for help. 

Furthermore, Medill emphasizes the importance of being an ethical journalist. Our mentors stressed the importance of not only being a good communicator, but also a conscientious and trustworthy writer. This summer, when I interviewed Evanston residents as well as professionals around the country and I introduced myself as a Medill student, interview subjects treated me like a respected journalist, not just a teenager. This, I believe is due to the great reputation Medill has as a journalism school. In this nurturing environment I believe I would be able to continue to grow academically, professionally, and personally. My summer experience taught me that Medill is a school that prides itself on training students to not only be great writers and storytellers but also ethical journalists and lifelong learners. For these reasons I have chosen to attend Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism in the fall. Studying journalism will help me to continue to develop my reading, writing, communication and creative skills. This will enable me to develop the expertise I will need to creatively and effectively share my ideas. 

My dream job is to produce or direct a TV news show or to write and direct screenplays. I also want an occupation where I can combine multiple skills and have the ability to integrate my various interests. Because I enjoy writing, photography and videography I would like to incorporate these abilities into my future career. 

Another career goal I have is to travel the world as a photographer. I only realized that this was a goal of mine recently, when I was able to travel to Cuba as a photographer this past December. It was an amazing and life changing experience and for the first time I was treated as a professional photographer and not just a high school student. It is amazing to photograph a place that not many United States citizens are able to travel to and then to be able to present those photos. I want to continue to share what I experienced in Cuba through my art and writing. It was especially significant to have been there when Presidents Obama and Castro announced the return of diplomatic relations. I was able to capture the reaction to the announcement from Cubans who are my own age. This event created a bond with people who will be my friends for life. I have had the ability to share my culture and ideas with people of another country and experience their culture, even though Cuba and the United States were enemies for decades. I hope that my work is able to help people in both countries understand each other and foster relationships that will promote healing and restoration for the next generation of Cubans and Americans. 

Journalism has already taught me so much about my place in the world, and I am excited to see what it has in store for me in the future. My experiences in high school have inspired me to choose journalism as a career. Although I have been able to experience a taste of what the field entails, I know that I have much more to learn. College will teach me the skills necessary to have a career that will impact others. I chose Northwestern because I believe that it is a nurturing and rigorous environment. I will be able to learn from my professors, many who have walked the path that I want to walk. My peers will also help to create a learning environment that will challenge me academically. In this environment, I will learn to become a better writer, thinker, and person.

Kevin Rzepczynski

After graduation, I hope to become an analyst for a large security trading firm such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch in downtown Chicago. Thereafter, I hope to advance to portfolio manager within said firm, and eventually be in a position to influence regulations and practices to better the financial industry.

As an undergraduate at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, I have interacted with many knowledgeable professors, whom have all helped me in setting goals for my future. Through classes like “Business Econometrics” and “Security Trading and Market Making”, I have been able to gain a better understanding of the skills necessary to become an analyst at a security trading firm.

For example, in “Business Econometrics”, I learned from Professor Dan Sacks how to take a large set of data and make appropriate assumptions through statistical analysis. Also, Professor Sacks taught me how to use econometrics to manipulate data in order to convince others of untrue statements through false findings. By having this knowledge, I am better able to identify biases in data. The skills I have learned in “Business Econometrics” will help me in the future to process large sets of historical data like pricing, volume, and order flow as an analyst, and furthermore, will prevent me from falling into a bad deal as a portfolio manager.

Additionally, in “Security Trading and Market Making”, I was taught by Professor Noah Stoffman about market microstructure. From Professor Stoffman, I learned about the many variables within a security transaction, including bid-ask spreads, trade impact on price, brokerage commissions, quantity limitations, and time delays. I was taught how to compute several measures including the spread, the NBBO, and the different transaction cost measurements. Also, I learned several quantitative analysis techniques like the probability of informed trading model and specialist execution strategies. Similar to “Business Econometrics”, Professor Stoffman taught how to distinguish between good and bad deals by teaching how the trading industry is structured today and how traders and market makers use manipulation to exploit clients and others. All of these skills I learned while taking this class will be essential for pursuing and exceling in a career within the security trading industry.

In order to achieve my goals, I know I will need to have an excellent work ethic and a creative mind. I believe I have already shown these attributes during my tenure as the Treasurer of Sigma Pi International Fraternity- Beta Chapter. During my sophomore year, my fellow brothers elected me into this position. When I first came into office, the Beta Chapter’s financials were completely disorganized and our chapter had incurred a debt amounting to just under $20,000 to our national office. The debt was created by a mismanagement of the roster and misallocations of funds by the previous Treasurers of the Beta Chapter. My first order of business was to address the problem at its core by correcting our chapter’s roster with the national office. From there, I scheduled a meeting with the Sigma Pi Midwest Regional Director and created a debt contract where the fraternity paid a monthly amount of $1,970 for 10 months. By fixing the mistakes within our roster and accurately budgeting for our monthly debt allowance, I was able to eliminate the Beta Chapter’s debt and set a precedence of financial stability for years to come.

Through my studies as an undergraduate at the Kelley School of Business and my initiative as the Treasurer of Sigma Pi- Beta Chapter, I believe I have equipped myself with the skills necessary to make my goals a reality. I plan to continue to seek out opportunities to better my chances of making it within the security trading industry at Indiana University and beyond.



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