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93rd Annual Mid-Winter Meeting Agenda
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 Schedule is subject to change.

Wednesday, January 16

 9:00 am Registration Opens | Continental Breakfast Astoria  | Williford A
 9:15 am Welcome and Opening Remarks | STAC President James Bohrer Williford BC
 9:30 am Panel Discussion: Compliance/Risk Williford BC Craig Murray, Wolverine, Moderator
Shane Swanson, COO, Thesys 
Christy Oeth, CCO, Virtu
Brian Clark, CEO, Ascent Technologies
Judy McDonald, SIG
10:30 am Panel Discussion: Transformative Technologies Williford BC Feargal O'Sullivan, CEO, USAM Group 
Roman Ginis, CEO, Imperative Execution
Chip Dempsey, OCC
Tony Sanfilippo, finEngine
Erik Schlesinger, Alpha Consulting
11:30 am

Panel Discussion:  Standardized Token Offering and Initial Coin Offering
From ICO’s to STO’s where is this space going? We have seen the ICO boom come and go, now we are seeing STO’s gain traction, what will they do to the space and why are they better than ICO’s?

Williford BC Scott Daspin, Triad Securities, Moderator
Phil Fornaro, Fornaro Law
Vince Molinari, Templum
Dina Rochkind, Paul Hastings 
Brennan Nacol, Rhythm Technologies
 12:30 pm Buffet Lunch Williford A
 1:30 pm Listed Options Committee Meeting  (by invitation only)  PDR 1
 1:30 pm Retail Roundtable (by invitation only)
 PDR 2
 1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Cannabis, Emerging Opportunity and Social Responsibility
Sixty-six percent of Americans now support legalizing cannabis, another new high in Gallup Polls trend over nearly half a century. The latest figure marks the third consecutive year that support on the measure has increased and established a new record. Since 2000, support for legalizing cannabis has trended steeply upward, reaching majority support for the first time in 2013 -- a year after Colorado and Washington voters legalized recreational use of cannabis via ballot initiatives, making them the first states to do so. As this industry continues to move forward and gain acceptance across the investment and personal use landscape, what are the challenges that remain and what are the opportunities to consider.
Williford BC Jay Caauwe, Cboe , Moderator
IL Representative Kelly Cassidy

Sachin Barot, CEO, Ceres Labs 
Robert Kingsley, CEO, GreenGate Chicago
Kurt Akers, CEO, Kannatopia
 2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Market Data/Market Structure Williford BC Patrick Hickey, PBVA, LLC, Moderator
John Ramsay, IEX 
Michael Blaugrund,Head of Transactions, NYSE 
Glen Lesko, Chief Growth Officer, DASH
Noel Reyes, Americas Head of Electronic Trading, Goldman Sachs
 3:30 pm Panel Discussion:  Crypto Currencies Get Institutionalized
Crypto started retail, now institutions are getting in, where will that take the crypto space? What has prevented institutional money entering the space until now?

Williford BC Sean Ristau, BCause
Ian Grieves, ErisX
Rosario Ingargiola, OTCXN
Brad Koeppen, CMT
Chris Hehmeyer, Hehmeyer Trading 
Edward Woodford, Seed Exchange
4:30 pm

Featured Speaker: Wendie Lloyd, Author and Transformational Coach
Her overall philosophy is that we all have the ability to achieve our dreams and realize the vision we have for our life. When we eliminate the limiting beliefs which prevent us from pursuing our goals we then begin living a life of abundance and fulfillment..

Williford Wendie Lloyd

 5:30 pm- 7:15 pm

Reception at Kitty O'Shea's Kitty O'Shea's  Lobby Level

7:15 pm- 10:30 pm

Open Evening: Enjoy Chicago!  

10:30 pm- 1:00 am

Reception in the Conrad Suite, sponsored by Refinitiv   

Thursday, January 17

 7:30 am- 10:30 am

Affiliate Presidents Workshop (by invitation only) PDR 2
 8:00 am Affiliate Presidents Breakfast (by invitation only) PDR 2
 8:30 am Registration Opens | Breakfast Buffet Astoria I Williford A
 8:50 am Welcome Remarks - Kevin Skarbek, STAC Vice President Waldorf
 9:00 am  Women's Collective Session:  Living Fearless
Living fearless doesn’t mean you never experience fear: it means you embrace fear and let it become energy to propel you forward. We will discuss very aspects of being a fearless female including being connected with other healthy women, setting limits and boundaries with yourself and others and also discuss some of the obstacles presented to us in today’s societal climate.

Waldorf  Wendie Lloyd
 10:30 am Rule 606
On November 2, 2018 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to adopt amendments requiring broker-dealers to provide investors with new and enhanced disclosures regarding handling of customer orders. The primary focus of the newly adopted amendments is to provide a level of transparency not previously required for institutional customer orders while providing necessary updates and enhancements to disclosures for retail customer orders under Rule 606 of Regulation NMS.  There are still many concerns to be addressed and this discussion will bring to light how firms are handling the new requirements.  
Waldorf Joanna Fields, CEO, Aplomb Strategies
Mark Davies, CEO, S3 
 11:00 am Next Generation Traders Waldorf Tom Sosnoff, tastytrade, Moderator
Sarah Hall, Chief People Person, DASH

Scott Sheridan, CEO, tastyworks
Victor Jones, CEO, Dough
 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
STA Board of Governors Meeting (by invitation only)
PDR 2   
 12:00 noon Registration Opens | Buffet Lunch Williford A
 1:00 pm STA Update
Jim Toes recaps the year in review and highlights upcoming events in 2019.
Waldorf Jim Toes, President and CEO, Security Traders Association
 1:30 pm Panel Discussion:Writing the Next 25 Years of ETF History
More than 25 years has passed since the launch of the first exchange traded fund. Today, the ETF continues to be an engine for the liquid, transparent, and cost effective delivery of investment solutions. This panel briefly touches on some of the history behind the ETF revolution, and explores what the next 25 years might hold for the space.

Waldorf Matt Kaufmann, Milliman, Moderator
Bruce Bond, Innovator ETF
Steve Oh, Nasdaq
Doug Yones, NYSE | ICE
John Feyerer, Invesco
2:30 pm Panel Discussion: The Ever Evolving Options Audience
The options "audience" is a very different beast than it was 12 years ago. When we started there was retail and professional with a HUGE gulf in the middle. That middle area has seen a tremendous amount of evolution with retail brokers spending hundreds of millions on professional grade tools to increase the sophistication of that segment. At the same time - we've also seen the evolution of the margin and capital treatment available in those accounts to make them a much more viable platform for many current and former professionals. As a result that gray area has become a swirling vortex of new entrants ranging from super-sophisticated retail to current and former pros who have migrated into those accounts as well as a growing number of financial advisors and asset managers.
Waldorf Mark Longo, Options Insider, Moderator
Jon Cherry, Northern Trust
Tony Saliba, Matrix Executions
Toby Joy, Akuna Capital 
Brian Overby, Ally Invest 
Bill Looney, Cboe Global Markets
James Hyde, ICE-NYSE
 3:30 pm Panel Discussion:Fixed Income 101: The US Cash Treasury Market
The US Treasury market is sizable, but until recently it was a relatively sleepy asset class with little for market structure wonks to write home about. A few years ago, though, all that changed, and now Treasuries are in the spotlight and historical paradigms are beginning to shift. Come get your arms around the basics of this asset class and get a sense of where opportunity may lie ahead as this market evolves.
Waldorf Eric Einfalt, Head of Strategic Development, XR Trading , Moderator
Peter Nabicht, Dealerweb 
Matt Grainger, Morgan Stanley
Travis Schwab, Eventus
Ryan Sheftel, GTS
 4:30 pm Featured Speaker: Dave Revsine, Big10 Network
As the game of football prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2019, Dave Revsine, author of the New York Times Bestselling book The Opening Kickoff: The Tumultuous Birth if a Football Nation, takes us back to the very beginning. Revsine will explore the odd confluence of events that allowed football to take hold in the U.S. - tracing its path from a regional curiosity to a national phenomenon. He’ll reveal the controversies the game faced along the way - controversies which nearly killed the sport.  And he’ll show how, like any business, football adapted to survive.

Waldorf Dave Revsine, Big10 Network
 5:30 pm The Interview: Rich Repetto, Steve Quirk
Volatility rose sharply towards the YE of 2018.  This discussion will try to identify the impact of elevated volatility on trading and the outlook for volatility going forward.  We’ll also review how retail investors are reacting to these turbulent market conditions and how their behavior has been shaped by new technologies & social media.  Finally, regulatory changes and even a proposed new exchange appears on the horizon for 2019; we’ll discuss how these developments could effect the trading environment in the coming year and beyond.
Waldorf Rich Repetto
Steve Quirk 
 7:00 pm Happy Hour  Normandy Lounge 2nd Floor
7:45 pm Taste of STA Chicago
featuring casino games and a Blackjack Tournament benefiting the STAC Scholarship Fund
Grand Ballroom
9:45 pm 50-50 Raffle Drawing Grand Ballroom
10:00 pm Casino Games Close Grand Ballroom
10:15 pm Casino Game Raffle Drawing Grand Ballroom

10:30 pm - 1:30 am

After Party in the Conrad Suite sponsored by S3 T3

10:30 pm - 12:30 am

STAC Reception in the North Imperial Suite T1

Save the Date for the 94th Mid-Winter Meeting | January 15-17, 2020 | Hilton Chicago



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