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Corey Hellman
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What has always interested me more than anything is how cars, planes, TV’s, computers, and anything mechanical works. I find it fascinating how an assortment of relatively useless parts can come together to make some of the most incredible innovations in the world. From this interest is where I decided that I wanted to be an engineer and more specifically an aerospace engineer. More than anything else I wanted to work on creating planes, helicopters, rockets, and anything else that moves through air and space. That is why I am attending Purdue University, studying aerospace engineering. Purdue has a long history of producing some of the best engineers in the world and it was something that I wanted to be a part of. After completing my freshman year at Purdue, I know that I can fulfill my goal of being able to design and work on anything that flies through the air.  

Another career and life goal of mine has always been to do something more than a typical desk job because no matter how special that job can be it would not be able to satisfy my drive for action. So when I graduate from Purdue I will also be commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy through ROTC. So sticking with my theme of flight, I hope to become a Naval Aviator. To me being in control of a multi-million dollar fighter jet is the best job on this planet. Although there is no guarantee I will get to fly, and I would not be unsatisfied with another job in the Navy, being a pilot is my first choice. 

The combination of learning how to be an engineer and the course work I will complete in ROTC will not only prepare me for a career in aerospace and military service, but also for anything life could throw at me. 

4210 W Irving Rd, Chicago, IL 60641