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Andres Lagunas
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Corruption consumes the city as grotesque guns roar, battling with the gusts of the windy city. Criminals walk freely upon the streets we contribute for as they search for their next victim and present terror in a time of peace. Poverty slowly sneaks into the cracks of our sidewalks. My environment has been built upon the injustices that everyone turns a blind eye too. Crimes continue as justice goes into hiding. The constant threats and misdeeds of the city thrust me to want to chase a dream of peace; my career goal is to aid the city I have become a part of and consequently be a sort of catcher in the rye to aid as many people as I could.


The Southside of Chicago serving as a home to me has influenced my mindfulness of my career goal. Valuing my neighbors and acquaintances has granted me a longing to provide protection as they have made me who I am today. Overcoming the intimidations of violence instilled upon community has become a prime influence in founding a desire to protect a city that is a home to millions and will continue to be a home for generations to come.


Developing on my trek through Chicago’s madness, I unearthed the organization that taught me to sense the wondrous aroma of the flowers that grew among the cracked sidewalks: Chicago Scholars. The organization is a selective program in which prepares Chicago’s students to become the leaders of the future. Further, the organization put forth its faith in me and accepted me as a part of the program; and with this acceptance came a step forth to achieving my American Dream. With their training and resources, I have had the ability to tell an unforetold story the way I want it to be voiced. Consequently, I am mindful of the sway a voice could have. With the lesson of opinion’s influence also came the lesson of dreams and how the only thing stopping our dreams is ourselves. The sky is truly the limit, and our dreams give us what we put forth into them.

With my continuous enrollment, I have become aware of the hundreds of dreams that lay amongst the nightmares of the city. Our dreams, in short, are us. They demonstrate a glimpse of the people we are and what our mindsets desire. Individuality is found amid everyone, but one thing we all have is a desire. My desire has come to want to be to pursue a political science degree in hopes of making a change. Many are afraid of change for it holds an untold outcome, but that is what excites me like a child on December 25th.  With college’s bestowed support and resources, I know that achieving a political science degree is merely one of the dozens wishes that I strive for to push for my career goal of peace. College is my gateway to progress, and I am working to pave my pathway to reach its gateways.


4210 W Irving Rd, Chicago, IL 60641